Search Engine Optimization

Organic Search rankings are most needed for both the Business to Business and Business to Consumer formats. However, Business to Consumer formats gets maximum benefits out of organic search rankings. Additional arrangements has to be done in capturing leads which includes a lead capturing form, proper website content management ( information ), demo displaying videos, comparison and analysis chart and consulting facilities.

Social Media Optimization

This channel is equally best for both the business format. Social Media Sites like Facebook is good for Business to Consumer format, LinkedIn is good for Business to Business format and Twitter for both the format. There are other social Media sites like Flickr, Stumbleupon , Ecademy, Vkontakte which specializes for traffic based on a specific region, language and culture.

Email Campaigning

It is the best and the most reliable channel for lead generation or sales conversion. The most challenging part of email marketing is identifying targeted consumers email ids and overcoming spamming policies in different countries. We successfully overcome these challenges and, so, email marketing has contributed almost 50% of the revenues to our company and a significant rise in revenues for our clients. It is highly preferable for business to consumer format. Business to business format only uses email marketing campaign for customer relationship and brand awareness.

Paid Advertisements

Most flexible form of internet marketing channel. Immediate effect can be seen from the expense made on the campaign. Paid advertisements include Google Adwords, Yahoo and Microsoft Ad centers, Pay Per Click as in social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Banner advertisements in different websites. This advertisement channel is highly performance basis. There is a bidding process set for different campaigns and the client has to pay only when the advertisement is clicked by any visitor. Analysis report will be shared with the client to understand the trend of the visitors coming to the website.